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My 1st Animation!! by ilex10

Hi Hal!
So luckily for you I am an animation expert..
I feel confident enough to say thats kinda close to the truth. ´

Anyways! This looks pretty good for a first attempt.
So lets get the bad things out of the way.

Everything works pretty well, but if something would have to be changed I´d say that the head and the front legs are whats lacking a bit.

Now for the head, you could use a little impact. From what I see there is a little of what im talking about. Basically what you need to do is, after the head hits the point that is the furthest back, you wanna do one more frame, you wanna bring the head a little bit back as well, as a reaction. Just remember what newton said: "For every action there is a reaction", meaning in animation that her head wouldnt just stop.

For then for the front legs. Now this is only valid if what you have done is a run cycle, but none the less, I think it would be good to know. Its not much. The front legs just miss a little bending. I see a little at the end, but for a run cycle the front legs are too stiff.

Now for the positive.
First of all for a first this is very advanced and courages to start out with. One thing I particuraly love about it is the tail. The tail is animated beautifully and it really feels as light and fluffy as it looks.

Great animation Hal, wouldnt mind seeing more from you.
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ilex10 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist
Thanks! and as for the legs, I meant for them to be rather plain and "stiff" lol. Just supposed to be kinda of "bouncing" along rather than running. I decided to just try something of simplicity before diving head first into worrying about bending knees and paws to perfection or anything :) And I do plan on doing more for sure! It's honestly what I really want to get into, I just find it hard to make the time mostly ( or muster up the effort when I DO have time lol)
Thanks again Apples :)
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