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Merry Christmas :y by Dipschtick

Allright so, Hi! Im gonna review this piece. If thats okay.

Lets start out with the good.
The coloring is beautiful and probably one of the reasons I added you to my watch in the first place, the shading and the highlights just work perfectly. The pose works despite the right leg bending unaturally and the overall figure works nicely as well. I also love how the hair is pretty much the size of the body.

Enough with the praise here it comes.
First of all the eyes. now the colored part (forgot the name for those) is placed as it should but the white is weird. The right eye is tilted a bit where as the left is completely vertical and its also placed up higher than the right eue. Also the black dots on the hair just comes of unnatural. Of course I wouldnt know if its intentional, but if it isnt I would suggest trying to make it blend better with the purple and not just like something that has been attached. Lastly, the boxes she´s sitting on has some weird-ass dimensions, it definently doesnt look solid.

Anyways, that was all I could really come up with. The piece overall is great, and I especially appreciate the line-less style and the coloring is (as i´ve said) fantastic.

I give this piece my score of A out of X
- Great piece
The Artist thought this was FAIR
3 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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